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Transfer Case Repair & Rebuilding
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Transfer Case Repair & Rebuilding

At AAMCO Long Beach, we know transfer cases are an essential part of your all-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicle. It is important that it is periodically serviced by exchanging the old fluid with the proper fresh fluid and checking it thoroughly for leaks and damage.

This important fluid cools and lubricates the gears, chains, bearings, shafts and other essential parts inside your transfer case and over time, the additives in the fluid wear out and won't protect the parts as it should. Small metal and clutch material wears off and contaminates the fluid as well. Snowy, off road and wet environments can really shorten maintenance intervals, so check with your AAMCO Long Beach professional for advice.

As with all moving parts, transfer case parts will also eventually wear out and internal repairs may be necessary. AAMCO's experts can service and repair any transfer case problems or maintenance needs you have.