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I'd give up another star- but it's not available. Just an email I tried to send to the shop- a bunch of mechanics and guys that make a living providing service and small miracles... but the email, right? "Mike, Just a brief note to say 'thanks' again... but with a small addendum... You, Rich and Carlton and the guys-shop staff have always been exceptional in my experience there, at Cherry and Candlewood Inc.- AAMCO- but this time went a little beyond expectations of excellence. Far, Far from complaining Mike- but this time it's going to be hard to top, especially if I never have to drop off my old dually off again, for any other issues- in the future... it's performing on the road, almost like it had a total drive train rebuild- but all you did was the wiring harness... wow! However, You're more than familiar with that old beast of a GMC truck that I'm so fond of- although it now drives better than anytime in recent memory- after you guys tinkered and added some TLC... the problem is that now I'm worried I won't have to have anything fixed for years. LOL Also, when driving between stops, I just spontaneously- at lunch- so time was a in short supply- I drove up to a smog check for my annual inspection for DMV- Yeah- you guessed it- the test passed first time, without any issues- in about 20 minutes- that's a personal record- and probably one for the truck too- don't know the mechanical details- and with you guys around- don't have to care. When Rich told me it's just another 'just adjusted that for you' fix- that saved me an immense worry and potentially massive headaches... and expenses. Long story short- Amazing service and you didn't charge me a dime over what you needed to- that's just unbelievably uncommon in todays world. Another AAMCO Devotee... Jim

Jim | Jul 2016