Long Beach, CA

3029  South St, Long Beach, CA 90805

(562) 367-8595
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Eureka! I found it! Finally, at last...Real Pro Mechanics, quality product, sincere honest service, a national brand and an enjoyable-no pressure experience. Thank you! What more can you ask for. My van was on the fritz, I called around but all other shops too busy. too rude, too dirty and honestly I have a fear of being taken by crooked repair shops & backyard mechanics. I called Aamco 3029 South St. LB at last minute all panicky and a very polite voice said to come on in & we'll take care of it. I drove there and was instantly greeted by Carlton who said " Hello you must be Anthony, I'm Carlton, that's Richard and that's Mike and let's see what we can for you. They showed the problem, explained it & gave me a really fair price and offered me options if I needed. But with the deal I got- I had it covered. I got my Starter & Flywheel replaced, transmission oil changed and mount replaced. And this is what separates these guys from others: I was kinda limited on my budget so instead of lowering the service to meet my lowered budget, they-Mike-raised the bar on service-didn't cut corners & my budget met that! Cause engine & transmission parts works in systems so I'm good" They offered me a ride home, called me when it was ready, showed me the replaced parts & we went for a cool test drive and Richard clued me in on things I should take care of in the future. I wish they were with me when I bought my used van. They know transmissions so they know engine and everything-its Aamco but now its MY AAMCO! Thank you Carlton, Richard and Mike!

Anthony S. | Jul 2016